Monday, June 6, 2016

May 2016 Subcompact Sales

May 2016 Subcompact Car Sales
Is it that time again already? Indeed it is, and three models had big-old gains. The Jeep Renegade, as we predicted, is killin' it. Nearly 11,000 models sold in May; 42,549 models sold this year! That makes it the third best-selling model on this list. The  Mazda MX-5 Miata continues to sell the heck out of is little sports car, which was up 122.7%. MINI also did well last month moving 103.1% of what it sold last year, despite selling the fewest vehicles of any other subcompact model this year. After that, however, things peter out. However, the redesigned Chevrolet Spark, which we still haven't driven, is up 29.2%, along with several other vehicles in the double digits. Of note: Mitsubishi's Mirage was down 39.1%. Will this be a trend for the struggling automaker's surprise sales champion?

The Jeep Renegade sells well in May, 2016
Jeeps subcompact crossover, the Renegade, is selling like hot cakes, which apparently sell pretty well. 
On the not-so-good side of the sales equation, the biggest loser was, unsurprisingly, the unpopular Fiat 500L, down 73% with just 334 models sold. Only Honda's not-so-sporty (or fuel efficient) CR-Z hybrid sold fewer units. The aging Chevrolet Sonic and Smart's Fortwo, Toyota's Yaris, and a few other subcompacts were down more than 40% this month. Not so good.

As of today, fuel prices are $0.40 less expensive than they were a year ago, but up $0.10 from a month ago, so it's trending upwards. We'll see if the lower fuel prices continue to have an effect on subcompact sales.

Make/Model%May '16 vs. '15Units May '16% YTD May '16 vs. '15Units YTD
Jeep Renegade146.010868334.042549
Mazda MX-5 Miata122.71000103.04495
MINI Cooper /S Convertible103.1646-9.11195
Chevrolet Spark29.23495-24.611732
Honda HR-V25.57392371.929876
Hyundai Accent22.7543223.036191
Buick Encore20.8652221.230330
Nissan Versa19.7121141.857778
Kia Soul-1.3137063.858299
Honda CR-Z-4.9234-27.822351
Honda Fit-10.05706-27.822351
Chevrolet Trax-10.6510223.923339
Hyundai Veloster-12.6196522.811223
Nissan Juke-13.52271-17.010032
BMW i3-15.0696-41.82272
MINI Countryman-30.11236-22.24851
Ford Fiesta-34.86150-22.021475
Kia Rio-38.02241-18.410130
Mitsubishi Mirage-38.32098-1.711632
Fiat 500-41.01553-48.06819
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop 4 Dr.-42.5908-16.35336
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop 2 Dr.-44.1968-38.85390
Toyota Prius c-45.01909-36.310218
Toyota Yaris-48.51236-46.55284
Smart Fortwo-49.8420-23.32186
Chevrolet Sonic-67.12980-28.820709
Fiat 500L-73.0334-63.02064
Scion iA305613488
Mazda CX-315707990
Fiat 500X12506308
MINI Cooper S/Clubman8253404

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nlpnt said...

I think the Mirage might be a case of the prefacelift ones being sold out before the new one shipped.