Monday, August 12, 2013

July 2013 Subcompact Sales

Subcompact Sales
Overall, a very good month for subcompact car sales in the U.S. The biggest improvement goes to the Chevrolet Spark, but the number is skewed due to the fact the model came out in July of 2012 but only sold a handful of cars. Regardless, the YTD number is still positive. The Ford Fiesta posted a very significant gain of nearly 89% this month and is up nearly 30% for the year. Even the slow-selling Toyota Yaris posted a good bump in July. Overall, nine of the cars on the list posted double-digit jumps in sales versus this time last year. Kia's Soul continues to dominate the sales chart, although Nissan's Versa is hot on its tail. And now that Nissan is selling the Versa Note, Versa sales may increase over the next few months.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record with regards to the slowest-selling subcompact, the Scion iQ, which moved just 336 units—still more than the ultra-niche MINI Coupe sold. But the iQ's YTD numbers are also pretty low at 2,645, down more than half compared to last year.

Of the all-new vehicles for 2013, the Buick Encore continues to sell surprisingly well. On to the big board.

Make/ModelJuly '13 vs July '12Units, July '13YTD '12 vs. '13YTD
Chevrolet Spark163.5%38471368.2%21435
Ford Fiesta88.9%766729.5%45831
Toyota Yaris38.4%1759-35.6%13685
MINI Roadster33.0%23858.6%1854
Nissan Versa20.9%90076.4%72768
Nissan Juke20.9%3579-1.5%21357
Honda CR-Z16.4%3842.4%2799
Mazda MX-5 Miata12.4%6635.1%3812
Smart ForTwo10.3%860-3.8%5319
Honda Fit9.5%50475.8%30558
MINI Countryman8.8%221113.1%12774
Hyundai Accent5.3%5537-16.1%34996
MINI Cooper Convertible4.2%399-8.5%2814
Hyundai Veloster3.1%2868-17.1%17912
Kia Soul1.0%10160-0.7%73191
MINI Coupe-3.1%222-27.2%1306
Chevrolet Sonic-3.6%60555.0%50960
MINI Cooper Clubman-11.9%481-19.8%2702
MINI Cooper Hartop-12.6%2173-7.5%15916
Kia Rio-17.1%30212.5%26681
Scion xD-17.2%809-20.8%5133
Fiat 500-24.0%2821-2.0%23892
Nissan Cube-30.6%401-20.2%3720
Scion iQ-39.7%336-53.1%2645
Buick Encore0.0%31760.0%15428
Fiat 500L0.0%9620.0%1503
MINI Paceman0.0%2260.0%940

Numbers reflect sales in the United States.

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