Monday, August 12, 2013

VIDEO: SR20DET-powered Toyota Echo Drift Car

Back in March of 2010 we showed a pic from a magazine of a drift Toyota Platz (aka Toyota Echo). Today I stumbled upon a video of the car in action via It's certainly not every day you see a pink SR20DET-powered RWD Toyota Echo drift car, is it? I think the announcer pretty much sums it up at 4:25 by saying in a poorly translated Japanese subtitle, "I think that it is cool. I would also be the weirdo?"

Drift Toyota Platz

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hduncan2587 said...

I'd love to make a RWD conversion using IS250 manual parts, but keep it useable (back seat, etc). Even keeping the engine stock it'd drop the power/weight ratio to around current Mustang levels. On the bright side, the IS250 V6 should be shorter in length than an SR20.