Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slammed '92 Plymouth Colt Vista makes me want to spend money

As you may know, my first car was a 1992 Mitsubishi Expo LRV. I've had a fondness for them for a long time, and always dreamed of buying another one, slamming it, putting on some cool wheels, and doing a 4G63T swap (e.g. a turbo Eclipse engine). This vehicle above has the wheels, the "slammed," and "a swap."

This isn't the first time this car has appeared on Subcomapct Culture. I ran across this vehicle in March, 2010 and swooned—a slammed Expo/Colt Vista/Summit wagon! Awesome. A few months later, the actual car zoomed past me in Tillamook, OR. And low-and-behold, look what pops up on craigslist ...

A couple weeks ago, this car was offered up as a private party sale. The seller said it was on cut springs (:sadface:), had custom wheels (which are pretty sweet, IMHO), had a 1.8-liter Eclipse swap (not sure why you'd swap that in except it was likely inexpensive), and had a few transmission issues. The price was around what it is now: $1,850.

Now, the vehicle is up for sale at a used car lot. If I didn't already have the project car I have now, I'd actually be tempted to get this and start that crazy-bizarro project car I'd always dreamed of. Alas, a "Tall Wagon Warrior" project will have to commence at another time. Everytime I look at this thing it makes me want to spend money on it, though. Damn me and my lust for the strange cars.

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Dealership Posting said...

Truly, first love never dies. You should go for what you planned.

BSP_yaris said...

Wish I could buy it, but transmission problems are no joke.

Unknown said...

Awesome I am buying those rims for my Colt vista. Can't wait mines red tho.

Elaine Stewart said...

I love my ‘93 Vista wagon so much, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t afford the upkeep. If I trade it in, it will likely be scrapped - I’d feel SO much better if it went to someone who would love it and want to do the work to get it in better shape! We’re in Philadelphia, PA.