Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Third-annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise

Mt. St. Helens Cruise

It's time for the third-annual cruise up Mt. St. Helens! The event, originally organized on Scionlife.com, is scheduled to happen June, 7, and all vehicles are welcome, not just Scions. I'd love to see a variety of subcompacts (and other vehicles) this year to get even more people involved! It's an amazing drive with great people, and there's usually a great pot-luck at the end! For more information, visit this thread on Scionlife.com.

So how did it get started?

A few years ago, I owned a Scion xB, and I wanted to know if any other Scion owners wanted to go for a cruise up to Johnston Ridge Observatory on Mt. St. Helens. Quite a few Scions and their owners showed up!

The next year, there was another cruise, and even more vehicles showed up. There was a great pot-luck lunch, and it was a ton of fun!

Let's make the 3rd cruise the best!

3rd Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise
2nd Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise (2008)


Craig Christakos said...

i might be persuaded. i like sticking the spec into odd places.

Thirty-Nine said...

You should totally come. It's a lot of fun!

Craig Christakos said...

Depending on what all needs doing that day, it's the last sunday but i think it'd be good to just get out.

Thirty-Nine said...

If you've never done the drive, it is spectacular. I've probably done it 10 times, and it's great every trip. Plus the pot-luck afterward is great, too!

Anonymous said...

If only I didnt live in Jersey

Thirty-Nine said...

I just hope it's good weather. It was the last couple of years, although they had a lot of snow at the observatory, still.