Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise!

Members of both and are organizing the 2nd Annual Mt. St. Helens cruise to Johnston Ridge Observatory on Sunday, June 8. Last year, a bunch of Scions (and a Yaris) cruised up Mt. St. Helens for a great day of scenery, cars, food, and friends. I was there in my old xB, and it was great. This year, more than 20 vehicles (Scions and Yarii (Yarii is the plural for "Yaris")) have signed up.

If you're in the Pacific Northwest, have a Scion, Yaris, or any other subcompact car, feel free to contact me or view either one of the threads on Scionlife or Yaris world and come along! There will be a picnic back in Castle Rock afterwards. Here's the schedule:

June 8, 2008
• 7:30AM meet at Toyota of Gladstone (PDX and south people) (Exit ??) Leave 7:45AM

• 7:30AM at the Star Lake Park & Ride (SEA and north people) (I-5 Exit 142) Leave 7:45AM

• 9:30AM at Gateway Food & Fuel in Castle Rock, WA (I-5 Exit 49) Leave 9:45AM

• Arrive at Johnston Ridge approximately 10:45AM via Hwy 504 (approximately 50 miles).

Mt. St. Helens Cruise at

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