Monday, April 27, 2009

Nearly stillborn: Pontiac G3

Pontiac G3
As you have probably heard, General Motor's Pontiac division was given the official axe today. And so dies with it the Pontiac G3, which was just introduced this year. As you may have read from my previous G3 posts, it was a twin of the Chevrolet Aveo and hasn't sold well. It's not that the vehicle is terrible, but there isn't (wasn't) much of a case to have two Chevrolet Aveos on the market ... being sold by the same corporation ... at the same time. You get the point.

There is a bit of good news for current G3 owners: According to Pontiac's Web site, they will be honoring the warranty, so both G3 owners G3 owners shouldn't have to worry about that.

Other good news? I'll bet they'll close these puppies out, so there will probably be deals-O-plenty on them. Hmmm ... project Pontiac G3 Rally Beater? No, probably not.

Officially Official: GM kills Pontiac (Autoblog)


nlpnt said...

Remember folks, the G3 only comes loaded so a "base" G3 for the price of a truly base Aveo should be a good opening offer from the dealer.

Unknown said...

nlpnt, you're right about that. I would almost, ALMOST consider getting one. The deals might be pretty sweet on these unloved little monsters, the last, saddest reminder of Pontiac's taste for halfassed rebadges and off-brand offerings.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Well said, Jake. Since GM/Pontiac said they'll still honor the warranty, then perhaps they'll sell some of these soon. I wonder when the liquidation will start?

murphyseanm said...

GM is going to have a hard time giving these away, I will take one though. I would love to gut one, put in a 2.0L out of a Forenza and then turn it into a Autocross beater.

Marrocco said...

My wife and I may buy 2 of em! Current deal with her GM discount, is zero down, and a payment of $160 per month. That is about as affordable as it gets today.