Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Subcompact Sales for March '09

Sales Are Down ... mostly.

Several companies released their sales figures for March of '09, and yep: Just about everyone's down overall. Here are some subcompact figures, all of which are down for March '09, except Suzuki's SX4, which Suzuki reports being up 50% over March, 2008; Hyundai's Accent, which is up 32.4% in March; and the Smart line which was up 1%. The big loser is Toyota: Its Scion xD is down 57.6% and the Yaris is down 52.7%. Kia eeked out the xD for biggest sales decrease among subcompacts with a -57.8% drop in sales for March and -53.7% drop year to date.

Mar. 09 vs Mar. '08Year to date cars sold in '09 to date
Honda Fit-19.4%-7.4%14,292
Toyota Yaris-52.7%-49.6%15,107
Scion xD-57.6%-51.1%2,850
Suzuki SX4+50.0%-3.0%7,317
MINI (all)-15.9%-16.2%3,605
Nissan Versa-17.8%-14.0%16,780
Kia Rio-57.8%-53.7%1,483
Hyundai Accent+32.4%+25.6%5,829
Chevrolet Aveo-38.1%-55.8%5,444
Smart (all)+1.0%+48.0%*4,937

* Smart sales began January of 2008

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Unknown said...

Hey, nice breakdown here, thanks for putting this list together. Also besides the Yaris & xD, it looks like subcompacts are holding relatively steady (given that most automakers are seeing 25-40% sales declines). Not surprising in a difficult economy, but hopefully it reminds the US automakers that a strong compact/subcompact offering can hedge a bad market.

murphyseanm said...

If you look at the sales for all the car companies Suzuki comes in at 6th with only a 24% over all sales drop. Hope to see Suzuki gain not only sales faster but some market share.

ank said...

Great post, I wondered how far down these car sales were.

- Small Cars only

Andy Lilienthal said...

I agree: It is pretty interesting. Hyundai's assurance program allegedly did help the automaker last month, which is great.

You can read Autoblog's "By the numbers" to see how the automakers as a whole did, too.

By the numbers (Autoblog)

D2M said...

Is it bad of me that I hope things kind of stay bad until I get back to the states? We have to buy a car and bad car sales tend to mean dealerships are desperate to unload. (Making it easier for us to purchase...)

I do feel bad for the car industry. I wouldn't wish this type of badness on anyone. ^^;

Andy Lilienthal said...

When do you think you'll be back? I can't imagine things getting better too quickly ... although the sooner the better. Unless it's a couple of years, I think you'll have plenty of good deals to choose from.

D2M said...

We don't have hard numbers yet, but we're guessing we'll return to the states between August and October of '09. (I'm hoping for September! :) )

I'm sure things will be about the same. Hopefully not worse. I don't want it worse. Just... er... bad enough to get a good deal. xD