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July 2016 Subcompact Car Sales

May 2016 Subcompact Car SalesWell, it's better late than never, right? After receiving an email asking where the subcompact sales data was, I realized that people actually do look at this data and anticipate it. I apologize for my tardiness ... here goes!

July's sales data is pretty mixed. About half the field did well, half the field didn't. The biggest winner was MINI's Convertible up a healthy 97.1%, although with only 536 units sold, any blips will shoot the percentage way up. Hyundai had a sizable 64.8% gain with its Accent, BMW's electric i3 charged things up 58.1%, and Jeeps super-hot Renegade also was up to the tune of 57%.

MINI might be at the top of the list, but it's also at the bottom with its 2DR hardtop, down 67.2%—a big drop. It should be noted overall sales of the 2D are down more than 44%. Also skimming the bottom were both the Toyota Prius c and the Toyota Yaris, with the c down 60.1% and the Yaris down 43.4%. The bigger news here is that the Yaris, which has remained largely unchanged for many years, currently has the biggest year-to-date sales drop of 47.6%.

2017 Fiat Spider
2017 Fiat Spider
Of the newer models, the Scion iA is selling pretty darn well moving more than 19,400 units year to date, Mazda's pint-sized CX-3 Crossover continues to plunk along, and MINI's Clubman, which is more enormous than ever, has moved 5,487 cars. We also added the Fiat Spider to the list, which has now sold 481 units, one more unit than last month. It will be interesting to see how the Fiat sells against the Mazda MX-5 Miata, since the Fiat Spider is, of course, based on the Mazda architecture, but with that angry-sounding Fiat 1.4-turbo.

Make/Model% July. '16 vs '15Units July '16% YTD June '16 Vs. '15Units YTD
MINI Cooper /S Convertible97.153619.62366
Hyundai Accent64.8704615.246376
BMW i358.11479-19.14359
Jeep Renegade57.010057211.061907
Chevrolet Trax54.9946624.838601
Kia Rio49.633319.418669
Chevrolet Spark28.74229-0.822520
Honda Fit25.45432-17.932817
Honda HR-V25.17394118.643837
Nissan Versa19.2118569.684317
MINI Countryman18.21422-18.870702
Smart Fortwo11.8493-24.13086
Buick Encore1.469231643344
Fiat 500X1.09505147481
Honda CR-Z0.7272-5.41477
Hundai Veloster-2.5200812.614931
Chevrolet Sonic-5.14844-21.333136
Kia Soul-5.9131572.183685
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop 4 DR-10.8924-22.17243
Mitsubishi Mirage-17.61280-414453
Mazda MX-5 Miata-22.088165.66265
Ford Fiesta-25.54092-27.729631
Fiat 500L-28.0227-582527
Nissan Juke-33.21568-16.914124
Fiat 500-43.01097-448857
Toyota Yaris-43.4794-47.67378
Toyota Prius c-60.11402-42.212975
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop 2 DR-67.2813-44.67053
Scion iA300719434
Mazda CX-3149911001
MINI Clubman
Fiat Spider480481

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nlpnt said...

According to Jalopnik subcompacts and compacts are holding steady and the decline in passenger car sales vs SUV/CUVs is almost entirely coming out of midsize and larger sedans.