Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2017 Chevrolet Spark Looks Good in Mint

2017 Chevrolet Spark Mint

I just logged onto Chevrolet's website to see if there was any info about the 2017 Spark, and low and behold there is. I didn't notice any ground-breaking new tech or features; the car is in its second model year in this style. However, I was immediately drawn to this color.

2017 Chevrolet Spark Mint color
Chevy calls this color "Mint," and frankly, it looks really good on this car. There aren't many cars that get away with such an odd color. Call it sea foam, call it call it pale green/blue, I call it great. I know the Fiat 500 comes in a similar color called Latte Menta (Lightest Green), and it works on that little retro runabout, too.

We still haven't driven a new Spark, but still want to. Regardless, I'm glad to see some smaller cars offering interesting color choices.

Do you like the color? Sound off in the comments.


Pecci said...

Your right, Andy. It's a great color.

Their are a couple of reviews that have shown up this past week. As usual it is down on power.

If I may state something. Please do not take this personally. I like you love small cars. I have had a then new 2007 Suzuki SX4 Sport (manual) that I have really enjoyed. Anyway, I would love to hear more from you, not in numbers of articles, but in numbers of responses and comments, or just occasional replies from you in the comment section. Your participation would very likely boost the attention you get. That would inturn increase activity and interest for your readers. It would also be a service in boosting interest in small cars.

Anyway, if you want to delete this message, I totally understand. It was for you, anyway.

Thanks for the articles!


Barry Traylor said...

I do not usually like colors that my wife would like more that I but this is a bright cheerful color. I am a big advocate of bright colors on small cars as it makes it easier to see them on a rainy day. It would look awful on a full size car though.

Keith said...

Sweet color. Something about the Spark (both versions) just makes me smile.

Reviews that complain it doesn't have Corvette power seem to miss the point of the vehicle.