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2015 Portland Vintage Racing Festival Mega Gallery

Red Mini Cooper race car at 2015 Portland Vintage Racing Festival
1960 Austin Mini Cooper
Words by . Photos by Mercedes and Andy Lilienthal

One of my favorite events here in Portland is the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRAPortland Vintage Racing Festival. I love the variety of cars, the racing, and the memories associated with it. This was the first year in a while that I've been to the event since my father passed away; this was our annual event at Portland International Raceway. It was great to be there. This year I brought Mercedes and we had a blast checking out both old and new cars alike.

New Jaguar F-Type R

Although Mercedes and I were only there for part of the day on Saturday, we got to experience some outstanding vintage racing as well as some brand-new performance via the new Jaguar F-Type. What an incredible vehicle. I got to ride along in a 550 horsepower AWD, supercharged V8 Jaguar F-Type R as we lapped the course at Portland International Raceway. Afterward, I got to autocross the same vehicle. Needless to say, the acceleration was amazing; you could feel your eyeballs being pushed back in your head under full throttle. (Jaguar claims a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds, and I'd believe it.) Equally impressive are the car's brakes. In fact, the F-Type R's front brake rotors are the same size as the wheels on my Toyota Yaris—15-inches. The cost? $103,600. Yes please. Hey, if the Yaris blew up tomorrow, I'd certainly consider the Jag. I'd also have to consider selling my house and a kidney. Regardless of the price, the 2016 F-Type R is one hell of an automobile.

Jaguar F-Type R at Portland International Raceway

While the Jaguars were amazing, the event, of course, has fantastic vintage cars, many of which are out of the ordinary—just our kind of thing. Below you'll find some of our favorite vehicles from the 2015 Portland  Vintage Racing Festival. Enjoy.

AMC AMX race car
1971 AMC AMX
Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Race Car
1966 Volkswagen Beetle—the only VW Beetle to ever race at the Monterrey Historics.
Ford Courier pickup
Mint Ford Courier pickup
#77 Dodge Challenger Race Car
1970 Dodge Challenger
A Lotus Elan and several Datsun 510 race cars at PIR
A Lotus Elan leading a pack of Datsun 510s
Mint Land Rover Defender 90
Land Rover Defender 90
Gold #88 BMW 2002
1968 BMW 2
Green Datsun 510 race car
1972 Datsun 510
Diesel Powered Mini Cooper
Yes, this is a veggie oil-powered Mini Cooper powered by a 1.5-liter Peugeot diesel.
#79 Volvo race car
1971 Volvo 142E
#53 MG race car
1959 MG MGA
MG convertible
Clean MG convertible
#99 Alfa Romeo
1969 Alfa Romeo GTV
Cool little roadster. MG?
Orange MG Midget
Love this orange MG Midget
Mini Moke
How clean and cool is this Mini Moke?
Mustang vs Mustang
1968 Ford Mustang 427 (gold) vs. 1979 Ford Mustang GT1
1965 Ford Falcon road race car
Love this 1965 Ford Falcon road racer!
Porsche Speedster
Classic Porsche Spyder
Ford Pinto Race Car
This Ford Pinto racer never hit the track, but it looked awesome. 
Jaguar F-Type R on the autocross course
Jaguar F-Type R on the autocross course
Jaguar XK120 race car
Beautiful Jaguar XK120 racer.
Siata Spring
Siata Spring
1964 Studebaker Daytona race car
I've always loved 1964 Studebaker Daytona, which is a regular at the Historics. 
Yellow Datsun Z
Clean Datusn Z car
Yellow Morgan
This Morgan was one of many yellow cars at this year's event.
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Triumph Spitfire 4
Triumph Spitfire 4
1970 Lotus 51
1970 Lotus 51
Blue Datusn 280Z
Datusn 280Z
1968 Titan MK 4
1968 Titan MK 4 
1961 Austin Mini Cooper S
1961 Austin Mini Cooper S
1962 Austin Healy Sprite
1962 Austin Healey Sprite

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