Thursday, September 4, 2014

August 2014 Subcompact Car Sales

Subcompact Car SalesAugust is being talked about as good month for car sales overall, however, you might not know that looking at this chart. The Kia Soul sold 50% better than this time last year, and is up more than  25% overall—nothing to scoff at. The MINI Countryman and Nissan Versa were also up 47.9% and 46.4%, respectively. And the Mazda2 continues to pull of increased sales. We didn't have any mega gains, however. It should be noted the Kia Soul did cross the 100,000 car threshold, which is a marked achievement.

There's a good amount of red this month, and two really big losers. First of all, the Fiat 500L: It sold 33 units this month. I figured there must've been a mistake, because that means sales are down a crushing 97%. However, upon further research, the car faced a recall due to the knee airbags. I expect sales to rebound next month. Conversely, its year-to-date sales are the best on the chart, up 204%. The other big loser is the Toyota Yaris, down 83%. This is likely due to dealers having a reduced inventory while they make room for the newly refreshed 2015 Yaris.

Of note: The Mitsubishi Mirage is now outselling the Mazda2 among several other small cars. At what point do we qualify the car as a sales success? While we ponder that, take a look at the big chart below.

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Unknown said...

A salesman at the local Fiat dealer told me it might be November before they can sell a 500L!!!! I test drove one and it wasn't too bad, but one of the questions I have about that model Fiat is the build quality. After all, the last car I drove that was built in Serbia was a Yugo. My test drive was a month ago and I still couldn't buy one when I talked to the salesman last week. In the meantime, I found out that they were marking down 2014 Mustangs by over $3,000, so I bought one of those! Something completely different, for sure.