Friday, July 5, 2013

June 2013 Subcompact Sales

Subcompact Sales
A couple of  models were up big in June of 2013. The Ford Fiesta posted excellent numbers versus this time last year, and the MINI Roadster also posted up a big improvement. The big loser, yet again, is the Toyota Yaris. Toyota just doesn't seem to be hitting the numbers they used to with their subcompact, despite it being redesigned last year. Also not surprising is the slow Scion iQ sales, which yet again got smoked by it's arch nemesis, the Smart ForTwo by a 2 to 1 margin.

Of the new-for-2013 makes, the pint-sized Spark continues to sell well. Has Chevy found the A-segment niche in the U.S.? The Chevy Sonic-based Buick Encore also is selling well. We've added the all-new Fiat 500L to the chart, too.

Make/ModelJune '13 vs June '12Units, June '13YTD '12 vs. '13YTD
Ford Fiesta104.0%936321.8%38164
MINI Roadster68.30%37763.2%1616
MINI Countryman14.80%208914.1%10563
Kia Rio13.70%41691.1%23660
Kia Soul10.70%11287-0.9%63031
MINI Cooper/S Convertible10.40%595-10.3%2415
Honda Fit10.30%50555.2%25541
Nissan Juke8.40%3360-5.1%17778
MINI Copue6.7%269-30.7%1084
Chevrolet Sonic5.0%71226.3%44905
MINI Cooper Clubman1.4%568-21.3%2221
Nissan Versa-0.5%87054.7%63761
Honda CR-Z-3.9%3930.5%2415
Mazda MX-5 Miata-4.4%630-8.1%3149
Hyundai Accent-7.5%5237-19.2%29459
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop9.2%2363-6.7%13743
Fiat 500-12.0%53092.0%20706
Hyundai Veloster-15.2%2741-12.9%16402
Smart ForTwo-23.2%781-6.1%4459
Scion xD-23.3%780-21.4%4324
Nissan Cube-38.0%441-18.8%3319
Scion iQ-44.4%390-54.6%2309
Toyota Yaris-62.8%747-40.3%11926
Chevrolet Spark --3104 --17588
Buick Encore --2280 --12252
Fiat 500L --541 --541
MINI Paceman --310 --714
Numbers reflect sales in the United States.


Chris P. said...

I have to ask why the Honda Insight isn't included here - perhaps because I own one, haha.

I know it's classified as a compact by the EPA, but by that standard, the Sonic is classified as a midsize.


Andy Lilienthal said...


The main reason I didn't include it is because you own one. ;-p

Honestly, I've got to draw the line somewhere. I'm trying to stick with cars that are in the b-segment. The Sonic is a b-segment vehicle, where as the Cruze would be the c-segment. The Fit and CR-Z are both small enough to be b-segment vehicles, whereas the Civic and Insight are both c-segment vehicles.