Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 2012 subcompact sales

Subcompact Sales
Last month's top sellers were also some of the smallest. The Scion iQ had a big jump of 132.3% vs. December of 2011. The Mazda2 also had a big jump, and the Fiat 500 had a good sized nudge, too.

The CR-Z was the big loser last month, down almost 57%, likely due to supply issues. The Yaris, which was redesigned for 2012, also had a bad month (again) down almost 56%.

For the year, the Kia Soul was the top seller on the chart with more than 115,000 units sold. The Nissan Sentra was a close second with 113,327 units. In third was the newcomer, Chevy Sonic with 81,247. The slowest seller of 2012 was the niche-market MINI Coupe, selling just 2,880 units.

Make/Model Dec. '12 vs. Dec. '11Units, Dec. '12YTD Dec. '12 vs. Dec. '11 YTD
Scion iQ+132.3%576+3480.2%8879
Fiat 500+59.0%3707+121.0%43772
Ford Fiesta+52.8%5612-17.2%56775
Nissan Cube+45.1%589-47.0%7667
Smart ForTwo+40.3%996+92.2%10009
MINI Countryman+12.3%2224+25.9%21012
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop+9.0%3011+4.3%29278
Kia Rio+8.7%2343+100.3%40275
MINI Cooper/S Convertible+8.7%325-3.0%4813
MINI Cooper/S Clubman+7.0%445-15.7%5769
Nissan Versa+6.4%10618+13.6%113327
Chevrolet Sonic+4.3%5990+414.9%81247
Nissan Juke-9.5%2739+1.3%36358
Hyundai Veloster-9.7%1976+275.5%34862
Scion xD-23.1%677+12.4%10756
Kia Soul-25.4%7177+13.2%115778
Honda Fit-28.4%3680-16.7%49346
MINI Coupe-29.6%178+202.2%2880
Hyundai Accent-44.8%2933+9.7%61004
Toyota Yaris-55.7%1999-6.5%30590
Honda CR-Z-56.9%243-63.0%4192
Chevrolet Spark--2229--12385
MINI Roadster--273--2371
Numbers reflect sales in the United States.


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