Monday, October 8, 2012

September 2012 subcompact sales

Subcompact SalesSome mega gains by the top three month-over-month sellers for September, 2012. The Rio up quadruple digits vs. last year. It should be noted that supplies were low in September, 2011 due to the new Rio arriving then. Ditto that with Veloster, as it had just been introduce. The Smart ForTwo, however, is a mystery, but it is putting up some big gains. That being said, several others had a good September. The Kia Soul is still the best-selling subcompact out there.

The biggest loser, again, is Honda's CR-Z. However, after briefly talking to Honda's PR representative, apparently both CR-Z and Fit would be selling better, but they are simply not cranking out both models, since they're both made in Japan, and both have to struggle with the high dollar-to-yen ratio. It was odd to see the Nissan Versa in the bottom, too. However, year-to-date sales remain very strong. The slowest seller overall has been the ultra-niche MINI Cooper/S Convertible.

Onto the big board!

Make/Model Sep. '12 vs. Sep '11Units, Sep '12YTD Sep '12 vs. Sep '11 YTD
Kia Rio+1568.9%3171+137.9%32815
Hyundai Veloster+269.6%3020+3297.8%28338
Smart ForTwo+119.6%1030+508.7%7311
MINI Countryman+65.9%2002+35.1%15345
Fiat 500+51.0%4176+136.0%32742
Kia Soul+42.0%9467+18.7%93356
Scion xD+40.4%942+15.5%8425
Nissan Cube+17.0%515-57.4%5812
Suzuki SX4+1.0%NA+2.0%NA
Ford Fiesta-1.1%3929-24.0%43484
Honda Fit-1.6%4664-19.6%38578
Nissan Juke-3.5%3195+2.3%28096
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop-4.6%1796+2.4%21343
Hyundai Accent-4.6%4313+26.2%51438
MINI Cooper /S Clubman-9.5%417-23.0%4249
Toyota Yaris-30.2%1118+50.8%23818
MINI Cooper/S Convertible-31.5%306-5.1%3792
Nissan Versa-32.1%8016+19.5%85572
Honda CR-Z-37.6%335-66.0%3461
Chevrolet Sonic--7525--64746
Chevrolet Spark--2223--6313
Scion iQ--683--6872
MINI Roadster--194--1596
MINI Coupe--184--2206
Numbers reflect sales in the United States.

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The new Kia Rio keeps selling like crazy!