Monday, January 9, 2012

Where are the AWD subcompacts?

2012 Honda Fit - Subcompact Culture
Did you know that the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, and Nissan Versa are all available with all-wheel drive? No, not anywhere in this part of the world. However, in Japan, all three models are offered with AWD.

So where is the AWD love for the U.S.? Well, there isn't much: You've got the Suzuki SX4, the Nissan Juke, and the MINI Countryman. Want a manual transmission? Nix the Juke.

Yes, the Subaru Impreza is available with AWD as is the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and Outlander Sport. Oh yeah, so is the A3. However, these are larger and more expensive, too.

Subaru Trezia
Personally, I'd love to own an AWD Honda Fit, so long as it's the five-speed manual. Or where is Subaru's b-segment car? Subaru offers the Trezia (a rebadged Toyota Verso), pictured at the left. I guess Subaru already nixed the idea of selling it here, though since it didn't come with a boxer engine and AWD. However, according to Subaru's JDM site, I do believe it is available in AWD now. You know what I'd buy in a heartbeat? An AWD Kia Soul. Yes, I would (again, so long as it came with a manual transmission option).

Personally, I'm glad to see so many subcompacts on the U.S. market at all, but I certainly would love to see some more AWD subcompacts, and throw a few more manual transmission options out there, too. Yes, I realize the take rates are low, but there are still those of us out there that want 'em.


D2M said...

Why is it that small cars don't get AMD anyway?

Dee Paolina said...

I live in WV. Around here the most popular subcompact (as judged by vehicles on the roads) is the Geo Tracker. Yeah, they're still going strong. High ground clearance, 4WD, and dirt cheap! What's not to love?

nlpnt said...

I'm surprised an AWD Fit is even possible with its' back seat/floor arrangement.

thebarber said...

north americans still don't want to pay for premium small cars....awd drive would add too much to the price. people quickly say "for 25k i could get THIS instead of a fit"

really, you don't need awd....if you live somewhere that it snows, get winter tires....i know that ive never had an issue. besides, awd only helps you accelerate faster...not brake or turn.

if toyota/gm has been any indication the awd models will be auto as the driveline components for awd are then the model doesnt appeal to enthusiasts...