Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September 2011 subcompact sales

Subcompact Cars
Another month in the books. The New Versa had a great month selling 11,800 units. The Mazda2 and Suzuki SX4 also has good gains vs. this time last year. Fiesta and Soul continue sell in droves, and even the Smart ForTwo managed a gain compared to last year.

The big looser was the Kia Rio. It's a bit unfair, since the old Rio is in short supply and the new ones are just hitting the lots. Ditto that with the Aveo since the Sonic, as evidenced in the chart below, is also on sale now. No excuse for the Nissan Cube, which sold just 440 units last month, however. The redesigned Yaris is also about to hit dealer lots, so it'll be interesting to see how it sell. Click the jump for the full chart.

Make/Model  Sept. '11 vs. Sept. '10 Units Sept. '11 YTD '11 vs. '10 YTD sold '11
Nissan Versa +68.1% 11800 -6.7% 71611
Mazda2 +62.3% 956 +890.4% 10855
Suzuki SX4 +33.0% 997 +14.0% 9915
Ford Fiesta +30.1% 3967 +432.7% 57225
Kia Soul +24.7% 6666 +60.5% 78669
Smart ForTwo+11.1%469-18.7%3886
Honda Fit -1.2% 4734 +16.7% 47968
Hyundai Accent -7.4% 4525 +2.5% 40770
MINI Cooper/S Clubman  -13.7% 461 -15.2% 5517
Scion xD -24.9% 671 -4.5% 7292
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop -43.0% 1884 -6.4% 20845
Toyota Yaris -43.5% 1602 -50.5% 15794
Honda CR-Z -56.6% 537 +424.7% 10172
MINI Cooper/S Convertible  -57.3% 447 -31.1% 3995
Nissan Cube -71.1% 440 -30.1% 13652
Chevrolet Aveo -80.6% 1271 -19.3% 28482
Kia Rio -88.4% 190 -34.0% 13792
Nissan Juke -- 3310-- 27459
Fiat 500 -- 2773 -- 13861
Chevrolet Sonic -- 1426 -- 1706
MINI Crossover -- 1207 -- 11278


D2M said...

Man, the Cube is gonna be slaughtered in sales. I never minded the square shape, but I guess it's just too unique for the USA. And maybe all the other, sleeker and more traditional styles that are coming out (and have come out) are making it a difficult sale too.

Chris said...

I read an article saying Nissan is reducing the amount of Cubes it is importing to the US. They are focusing on selling more Jukes instead.

The Scion iQ should be hitting showrooms on the West Coast this month. It would be interesting to see how these sell compared to the Smart.

nlpnt said...

-It's quite a change to see the Smart in the green on the monthlies. Maybe M-B taking distribution over from Penske is finally starting to stick.

-The new Accent is still in short supply. Apparently Mini's been having supply issues too.

-LOOK at those YTD percentage gains for the Fiesta and CR-Z.

CGS intake said...

While Hyundai has made great strides in the compact and mid-size segments, with the new Elantra and Sonata, arguably the car that put it on the map was the sub-compact Accent. While a less-than-great piece of engineering in the past, it did serve a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Hyundai Veloster? Will that be on this list eventually? I think it sold 834 in September, or maybe it was 837. 830something.