Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Interior Accessories that Add a Racy Feel to your Ride (brought to you by

So, you’ve added all the parts it takes to transform your subcompact into a screaming mean machine, but there’s something missing. After all, if it sounds like a racer and performs like a racer, it’s got to look like one to get the full “racer” effect. Well, by installing a few well-placed accessories, you can transform your subcompact’s frugal interior into a fully-equipped racecar cockpit. Start with a set of tough rubber mats on the floorboards and a matching rubber liner for your trunk. These not only add a cool utilitarian look, they actually help muffle the sound of that screaming four-banger.

Next, you have to transform that boring dash into a control panel any F1 driver would be proud of. Custom carbon fiber dash kits are a great start. No other material looks as modern or as racy as carbon fiber, and you can even get the kit in different colors, not just black, to really highlight you interior. Once the dash is installed, just mount a few performance gauges in the midst of all that carbon fiber and you have an instant street racer. Gauges deliver the added bonus of letting you keep tabs on your engine’s vital signs, just like a real racecar.

The cherry on top of any racy interior modification project is one of those cool aftermarket shift knobs. Not only does a custom shift knob look racy, it even feels racy when you wrap your hand around it. Donning your fingerless leather driving gloves only adds to the driving excitement. And, now that your car goes and looks fast, it’s time to evade the boys in blue. That means a radar detector, and we recommend X/K/KA band radar detectors if you wanna slip by every speed trap completely undetected. Though these accessories won’t transform your subcompact into a European exotic, they will add a quick dose of racecar style.

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