Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Road Race Motorsports nabs fifth Fiat 500, plans special editions

Road Race Motorsports' Fiat 500
Rob Tallini, the owner of Road Race Motorsports, managed to nab the fifth Fiat 500 sold in the U.S. yesterday. "The first official bath of salable cars came yesterday and we are planning to jump on it with our own special edition," says Tallini.

Tallini says the Road Race Motorsports version will be called the CLUB /// SPORTIVO. Fiat dealers will be able to buy it and the first one will go to Motor Village L.A.

The car will be a track-day-ready vehicle with upgraded suspension, brakes, four-point harnesses, a CLUB /// SPORTIVO graphics package, powdercoated wheels, and minor engine upgrades like intake and exhaust.

There are just a couple of quick renderings of what the CLUB /// SPORTIVO Fiat 500 will look like. It's great to see aftermarket companies getting in on the 500 bandmodwagon so soon. Can't wait to see the real deal!

Road Race Motorsports Fiat 500 CLUB /// SPORTIVO
Road Race Motorsports Fiat 500 CLUB /// SPORTIVO


adamaoc said...

Sweet! RRM has done some great work for me on my SX4! cant wait to see what they can do with this!

Andy Lilienthal said...