Monday, March 14, 2011

Mark your calendars: 5th Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise

That's right, folks: The 5th Annual Mt. St. Helens cruise date has been set: June 5. We've had as many as 40 cars on this event, and it'd be great to have even more. The photo above was taken from the 2007 event.

Although final details haven't been ironed out, they've been similar for the last five years. We'll meet in Castle Rock, WA at the Shell station, drive up the amazing road to Johnston Ridge Observatory, drive back down, and have a potluck lunch.

The cruise is open to any and all cars, regardless of make and model. We've traditionally had mostly Scions (it started out as a event I organized). However, we've had Nissans, European Ford Fiestas, Honda Fits, turbocharged VWs, Audis, Toyotas, and others. We get people from all over the Pacific Northwest, even from as far away as Vancouver, British Colombia Canada.

It's been a great event each year we've done it, and I'm sure it'll be great again this year. Hopefully we'll get some Subcompact Culture fans on the cruise!

More info soon, so stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Hey this year I just know I'll get the GoPro operating!

Andy Lilienthal said...

Ha! I was just thinking about that the other day (I got a couple of GoPros from at work).