Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Install and Product Review: Road Race Motorsports' Short Ram Intake for the '10+ Suzuki SX4

An intake is a good first modification to any vehicle's engine. Although it may not be a big horsepower maker out of the box, when you combine an intake with other modifications, such as a header, an exhaust system, etc., it becomes part of a system.

As with most of my cars, the first engine modification I decided on for my 2010 Suzuki SX4 was an intake, specifically Road Race Motorsports' Short Ram Intake. Consisting of a red powdercoated intake tube, a 10mm screw to attach to the tube to the engine, a hose clamp, a filter, and two set screws for the MAF sensor, the unit feels sturdy and well made—much like RRM's '07–'09 SX4 SRI.

The installation, as you hopefully witnessed in the video, is very simple. There were two slight adjustments that needed to be made to make it fit perfectly. The first was to bend the bracket that holds the tube to the engine (the Suzuki bracket, not the intake bracket) out about 1/8 inch. This allowed for plenty of room between the upper plastic resonator (located on the stock intake tube) and the engine cover. No rubbing or vibrating. Additionally, there's a rubber brace on the wire loom that fits into rubber channel on the OEM intake tube. This put a bit more tension on the wires leading to the MAF than I was comfortable with, so I moved the rubber piece down the wire loom farther.

This is one one of the quieter aftermarket intakes I've heard, even at wide open throttle. It sounds nearly stock, so if you're looking for a "noise maker" intake, this isn't it. It does, however, allow the engine to breathe/rev noticeably easier. In addition, throttle response feels improved. The price is $199 and RRM claims a 10% increase in power.

Road Race Motorsports is an internationally recognized authority in Suzuki tuning. So, if you're looking for a short-ram for your new SX4, you'll want to check out this product.

Road Race Motorsports


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Is the installation for the 2009's much different?