Saturday, September 4, 2010

August 2010 subcompact sales

What a shakeup. Then again, at this time in 2009, we were in the midst of the C.A.R.S. (aka "Cash For Clunkers") program. A lot of cars were sold then, so it was inevitable that 2010's sales were going to be lower.

The numbers are all over the place this month. The hot-selling Kia Soul weathered the storm nicely, increasing sales despite market conditions. The venerable MINI hardtop also eked out a small gain in August. All others were down—even the King of the Subcompact Sales—the Nissan Versa, although its year-to-date sales are still up.

The big sales slouch this month is also a Nissan: the Cube was down a staggering 82.2% from last August, although its still posting healthy year-to-date gains. No news here: The Smart ForTwo continues to trail the pack in YTD losses and sales. But enough about me, here's the big board:

Make/Model Aug. '10 vs. Aug. '09Units Aug. '10YTD '10 vs. '09YTD sold '10
Kia Soul+22.1%7,021+100.6%36,657
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop+9.0%3,317-4.5%18,977
Toyota Yaris-31.7%2,900-40.5%28,958
MINI Cooper/S Convertible-33.2%530+19.7%4,755
Honda Fit-51.3%




MINI Cooper/S Clubman-54.7%




Nissan Versa-59.9%7,453+18.2%69,715
Hyundai Accent-61.9%3,844-31.1%34,882
Scion xD-67.5%955-37.4%6,708
Chevrolet Aveo-68.4%4,019

Kia Rio-70.0%2,086-5.7%19,253

Smart ForTwo-72.4%448

Suzuki SX4-75.0%855

Nissan Cube-82.2%952+43.7%17,998

Ford Fiesta--3,315





Anonymous said...

Cube sales are low this month because of the stop-sale/gas filler recall

Anonymous said...

Most small car sales have been off this year in the US market and sales of large vehicles have actually been on the rise this year. This shows just how short the memories of Americans are.

Two years ago when gas spiked to over $4.00 a gallon, people ran from their gas guzzlers in droves and snached up small fuel efficient cars then like crazy. It's sad, but true, that small cars won't pickup steam until gas gets expensive again!