Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who will buy the Scion iQ?

Scion iQ - Subcompact Culture
After reading a thread on, I got to thinking: Who exactly will be buying the new Scion iQ? Perhaps the more appropriately, why would someone buy an iQ? I don't mean that in a snide way, I mean it literally. For instance:

- Will Smart ForTwo owners be trading their cars for an iQ?
- Will the iQ sway those who wanted a Smart to finally take the plunge into a microcompact?
- Will it appeal to the current Scion-buyer?
- Will Toyota's image of quality/value persuade people to take the plunge?

Scion needs some energy in the lineup, and although one model typically doesn't make sales skyrocket, it can be an important piece of the puzzle. It will be interesting to see if the iQ truly adds juice to the slumping Scion brand, or if it's destined to simply follow in Smart's footsteps of slow sales.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.


Loren said...

I'm interested in the IQ if it drives anything like the Yaris and returns 40+ EPA MPG. I'm not sure it's going to have mass appeal on the US market, though. Probably would have been better as a Toyota so they could keep the price point down. Ultimately, it's likely destined to fail. Now, if they'd sell us a diesel version that would return 60mpg at a reasonable price... that might get people's attention.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy a 60mpg turbodiesel version! But there are too many other "real" cars out there that get 40+mpg to sway me from ever considering one of these iQ's unless they have bargain-basement pricing - sub-$8000 pricing.

murphyseanm said...

At the right price and 40 MPG this would make an appealing car to commuters like me. The insurance would be cheap, maintenance low, and fill ups not so wallet hurting. It would be cool if it has good handling that way I could have some fun on the commute.

gokartride said...

I will buy one to replace my Yaris which is too big for what I really need. I have heard it compared to Issigonis' Mini on several occasions and that's enough to get my interest. I'd love to get the smaller, base engine, but I guess that won't be coming here...pity.

Tohbi said...

I'm really interested in a Scion iQ. I wanted a Smart when they came out, but didn't think the price was worth the mpg. I'm hoping the iQ is better. This would be a second car for me. I have a long commute and tough winters.. so I'll be keeping my AWD Honda Element for bad weather days.