Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010 subcompact sales

For June 2010, the majority of subcompact sales were in the red vs this time in 2009. The biggest exception, however, was the Chevrolet Aveo, with sales up 158.4% over June of '09. Amazingly, year-to-date sales are up 72.3%, and that's without any major refreshes from the previous year. Could this can be attributed to the recent "buy American" attitude? Speaking of which, the first Ford Fiestas have been delivered. Don't let the low number fool you; these are just the first to trickle out. Expect to see those numbers go way up in the coming months.

The Kia Soul was also way up there for June, and the Nissan Versa continues to dominate by a wide margin in total sales. The Nissan Cube's huge total '09 vs. '10 number still reflects the car's slow start in '09; it will likely be headed back to earth next month.

The big loser for a second straight month: The Toyota Yaris, with sales down more than half compared to June '09, as the company tries to improve its image after the recent recall fiasco. Another big name from last year, the Hyundai Accent, also seems to be struggling. And, unsurprisingly, the slowest seller of the first six months of 2010 is the Smart ForTwo, selling just 3,349 units.

Also a change: It's been requested that I post up the number of cars sold in each month, too. Ask and ye shall receive.

Make/ModelUnits sold June '10June '10 vs. June '09Total sold in '10Total '09 vs. '10
Chevrolet Aveo
Kia Soul6,429

MINI Convertible/S791+35.2%3,652+56.9%
Nissan Versa6,762+23.6%54,537+71.0%
MINI Clubman/S870+13.4%4,7660%
MINI Cooper/S2,488-9.6%12,535-9.1%
Nissan Cube1,896-11.3%15,530+300.1%
Scion xD833-11.9%4,693-17.7%
Kia Rio6,429-26.9%10,047+17.0%
Suzuki SX4828-27.0%5,854-45.0%
Honda Fit3,936-29.5%23,310-21.1%
Hyundai Accent4,615-48.3%27,078-17.8%
Smart ForTwo577-48.3%3,349-60.9%
Toyota Yaris2,412-54.0%22,989-40.0%
Ford Fiesta----1,028


Cruisin said...


Your Kia Souls sales numbers are incorrect. Kia sold 6,429 Souls in June, not 1,803.

Enjoy the site, keep it up!

D2M said...

Why anyone thinks buying an Aveo means buying American I'll never know!

Did you check out Chevy's page for the Aveo? It takes a stab at the Fit AND the Versa by saying the Aveo gets more fuel economy than either. :-o

I'm crying for the Fit. I LOVE YOU FIT! Even if you're not the popular kid anymore.

I think SmartFourTwo would sell better if they were priced competitively. They are as expensive has vehicles twice their size and their fuel economy is not so great that it's a compelling reason to pay so much for it.

Seriously, if it was priced between 8K-10K people would be gobbling those suckers up.

Poor Yaris. I bet all that crap this year about Toyota's safety hasn't helped. Consumers have a long memory and don't forgive easily. :-/

But to be fair, it's competing with really awesome cars like Soul, Cube, and now the Fiesta. There's really nothing about it that says "Hey, you want me!"

Andy Lilienthal said...

Thanks for the heads up, Cruisin. You're absolutely right.

Marc said...

So the number if Kia Souls was EXACTLY equal to the number of Kia Rios sold?