Friday, July 16, 2010

If you had to buy a car tomorrow, what would you get?

Since I always have cars on the brain, I often think about what I would buy if I had to replace either one of my cars (2007 Toyota Yaris and 2009 Suzuki SX4). If I were to go out tomorrow and get a vehicle, I think I'd probably get a 2010 Nissan Cube with the six speed manual. I've totally been into these little boxes lately. Whether in stock or modified form, I think it's as close to the original xB as any car out there, and I dig that. It should be of little surprise that my choices seem to change from day to day. However, if I had to do it tomorrow, I'd likely get a Cube.

So if you had to go out and buy a subcompact vehicle tomorrow, what would you buy?


Darbish said...

If money were not an option, I'd snag a 2010 VW Polo GTI. *drool*

Dee Paolina said...

Does it have to be tomorrow? Can I wait until the Fiat 500 arrives in the US?

nlpnt said...

There's a manual Fiesta hatchback at the Ford dealer in town.
But I'd probably be able to fit in at least half a dozen test drives before the dealersips close "tomorrow" :)

murphyseanm said...

There are 2 theories for me on this:

Theory 1) I buy what I can afford and pick up an Evolution MR, in white.

Theory 2) I get what my wife will let me get and she will be driving a Ford Fuzion Hybrid and I will still be in a Nissan Sentra.

Anonymous said...

Since the Suzuki Swift isn't in the USDM (?????) I guess I would have to go for the Ford Fiesta hatch

D2M said...

It'd have been a tie between the Honda Fit and the Kia Soul. The Soul only lacks in the engine department (doesn't drive as well and poorer gas mileage).

But... I probably would have gotten the Fit in the end anyway.

gokartride said...

I'd have to walk, too, until I can get my hands on an iQ.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the Mazda2, I just wish the engine and interior were up to par with the competition.

So my choices would be:

1. Mazda2
2. Honda Fit
3. Ford Fiesta (hatch)
4. Upcoming Hyundai Accent (sedan or hatch)