Monday, July 19, 2010

Former Fiesta Movement cars turned into rally instruction cars

Ford gave 43 of the 100 Fiesta Movement Ford Fiestas to the Team O'Neil Driving School in New Hampshire. The cars will be fit with off-road tires, a rally suspension, and a roll bar. The cars will be part of the Ford Racing Fiesta Rally Experience and various rally racing programs. FYI, The Ford Racing Fiesta Rally Experience is the only rally experience offered by a manufacturer in North America. What a cool way to reuse the cars.

The cost per student for the one-day Ford Racing Fiesta Rally Experience is $495, which includes a short classroom session on vehicle dynamics, safety, balance and car control. Most of the day will be spent driving on either the skid pad or slalom course, practicing the techniques of car control rally driving on gravel conditions in a rally-prepared Ford Racing Fiesta.

Sounds like fun to me!

Team O'Neil
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nlpnt said...

I want to do that! Unfortunately if I spend $500 on car stuff it'll probably be on Yaris fender repair - @#$%&#!! hit-and-run driver!