Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010 subcompact sales

Here we go: The first month of this year's subcompact sales are in the books. How'd the segment fare?

Out of the gate, it's Hyundai with the biggest change from 1/09 to 1/10—61.1%, and 6,747 total sales—the most in the segment this month. On the contrary, it was a painfully slow start for the Smart brand, down a whopping 84.2% compared to January, 2009, and only 278 in sales. Ouch.

Some other things to think about:

• Did the Toyota recall effect Yaris sales? (Yaris is not included in the recall)
• Did the Honda Fit recall effect sales? (the '09+ Honda Fit isn't included in the recall)
• What will 2010 hold for the Smart brand?
• Cube or Soul for 2010? (Cube narrowly outsold Soul this month)
• Will it be Nissan or Hyundai selling the most subcompacts in 2010?

Gone from the chart is the Pontiac G3 Wave. Even though the model is no longer in production, Pontiac reported selling 10 of them in January. RIP, G3.

Jan. '10 vs Jan. '09Total 2008 vs. 2009
Total sold in '10
Hyundai Accent+61.1%
Kia Rio
Chevrolet Aveo
Nissan Versa
Suzuki SX4
MINI Cooper
Toyota Yaris
Scion xD-11.4%-11.4%791
Honda Fit
Smart ForTwo
Nissan Cube
Kia Soul


AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

That Accent is doing very good, and remember its almost about to be replaced with ath next gen version.

Hyundai benchmarked the MINI and Golf for the next gen hatch.

I love this car :D!!!

Unknown said...

Smart shot themselves in the foot by not bringing the CDi diesel ForTwo into the USA. If they had, they wouldn't be having such crappy sales figures.