Friday, December 11, 2009

VIDEO: Spring Mountain Redline Time Attack with stock Accent race car

The Redline Time Attack series is darn cool. You see all kinds of cars: uber-tuned, dedicated "track sluts" to, well, stock track sluts. Case in point is Frank Ho's Hyundai Accent. This is a stock Accent sedan with sticky tires, yet he's out there flogging the crap out of that car! How cool is that? The above video is done really well, and does have some footage of Frank's Accent as well as a lot of other race cars.

You can see some more pics of Frank's Accent on this Honda-Tech thread of all places.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could tell which trim level he has. Doesn't look like an SE, with the upgraded suspension and sport-tuning, which I have. He still does really well. I would love to have a wack at that track, especially now that I added the DC strut tower brace. Got a smile out of me, and the Honda boys seemed supportive, which is cool. He definately needs bigger tires, and a drop.

Red Fox said...

Nice Blog you have here on sub compacts.