Monday, July 6, 2009

Big in Japan: Honda Fit is the top seller in Japan for the first half of 2009

Honda's Fit has taken the top sales prize in Japan for the first half of 2009 by selling 65,589 units. The second-place finisher was the Suzuki Alto.


D2M said...


*dreams of the day she'll get one*

Unknown said...

Yeah, but they also have the 7 passenger version of the Fit over there. If they sold it here, I would have one in my driveway now.

Anonymous said...

I already went to a dealership last week asking about 7 pass fit - a sales guy said that if gas prices go high enough - they will bring 7 pass honda fit into us at the end of August-September - I had him write my name down to call me once that happens - I am buying it!