Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nostalgic Subcompacts: GM's subcompact cars throughout the years

I'm sure by now we're all aware of the GM bankruptcy happenings. All this GM talk made me think of the company's past subcompact offerings, plus the fact that I've been intrigued by the 1980s Chevrolet Sprint Turbo as of late. So here's an ΓΌber-brief rundown of some of the General's subcompacts.

1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega/Pontiac Astre

The Vega could be considered GM's first subcompact and was available in a variety of body styles. It was replaced by the Monza in 1978; the Astre replaced by the Sunbird.

1975-1987 Chevrolet Chevette/Pontiac T1000

The Chevette was sold all around the world as a Vaxhaull, Holden, Opel, and Pontiac. It was available as a three- or five-door hatchback and was the last RWD GM subcompact.

1985-1988 Chevrolet Sprint

The Sprint was made by Suzuki (and sold elsewhere as the Suzuki Cultus) and offered a three-cylinder turbo and non-turbo engine in either three- or five-door hatch versions.

1985-1988 Chevrolet Spectrum

The Spectrum sedan and hatchback were built by Isuzu and were similar to that company's I-mark. The Spectrum was also sold as a Geo for a short time. It was available in turbo- and non-turbo flavors.

1986-1993 Pontiac LeMans

The LeMans was built by Daewoo in South Korea and used Opel underpinnings. Body styles included a sedan and three-door hatchbacks.

1989-1994 Geo Metro

Designed in the U.S. and equipped with a Suzuki engine and drivetrain, the Metro had a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine, and came in three-door, five-door, or convertible body styles.

1995-2001 Geo/Chevrolet Metro

Completely redesigned and now built in Canada, the new Metro was available with 1.0-liter three- or 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine and came as a sedan or three-door hatchback body style. Five-door and convertible bodies were eliminated.

2004- Chevrolet Aveo/Pontiac G3

Built by GM Daewoo in South Korea, the Aveo hit the U.S. in 2004. It is available as a hatchback or sedan. In 2009, Pontiac unveiled its G3, essentially the same thing as an Aveo, in hatchback-style only.


Unknown said...

Nice rundown! Dig it. It's odd how much I kind of want a late model Metro all of a sudden...

Andy Lilienthal said...

Thanks! Am I the only one thinking "drift Chevette?" LOL

D2M said...

Was the Plymouth Relient a compact car?

Andy Lilienthal said...

No, the Reliant was a compact. They sold through Chrysler dealers. (A friend of mine had one. He is 6'4 and barely fit in the darned thing!)

D2M said...

lol, ok, that no at the beginning confused me. Did you mean to say "No, the Reliant was a SUBcompact."?

Andy Lilienthal said...

The Reliant is not a subcompact, although it was pretty small.


D2M said...

Ok, thanks! That's what I thought. That No at the beginning of the reply confused me a bit. Yes it was pretty small. I was amazed it lasted almost 20 years! (And we still managed to sell it for 400$!)

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