Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ford Fiesta selling well in Europe

Ford has release its sales figures for Europe, and the new Fiesta is blazing along! It's sold 108,000 Fiestas in 2009—that's 36,000 per month! (Compare that to some of the U.S.'s subcompact sales figures, and it makes 6,000+ Nissan Versas sold in March look like child's play). That brings the grand total to 170,000 since being introduced in Fall of 2008. Even though Ford in general is down, it's European market share has risen to 9.4%, the highest since 1998. [source:]

Let's hope the new Fiesta will do as well here in the States as it is doing in Europe!

Ford Fiesta (

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D2M said...

Wow~! That's great! Go Ford Go! :D

I'd totally look into getting one if it came out around September of this year. :)