Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New small cars for 2009-2010

Automotive News published a list of the upcoming small cars coming to America in the next couple of years. The list includes the Pontiac G3 (above), currently sold in Mexico, and in Canada where it's called the Wave. And yes, it's a clone of the Chevrolet Aveo. GM wants to boost it's fuel economy average in the U.S., and by adding another fuel-efficient vehicle will do so (Isn't that kind of cheating?) Here's the list:

• Dodge or Chrysler hatchback (Nissan Versa-based
• Honda hybrid hatchback
Kia Soul
• Kia Spectra
• Mazda3 redesign
• Mazda Kabura
Nissan Cube
• Pontiac G3
• Scion tC redesign
• Chevrolet Beat
Ford Fiesta
• Honda CR-Z hybrid
• Mini Crossover
Saab 9-1
Suzuki Swift
• Toyota Prius redesign

I'm most excited about the Suzuki Swift, which I've liked for some time. The hybrid CR-Z, which some are calling the "return of the CRX" should also be entertaining.

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