Monday, March 31, 2008

A modern BMW Isetta?

The BMW Isetta was an odd duck to say the least. You entered the car by swinging the entire front end open. The car had a wider front track than rear track. Steve Urkel drove on on the show Family Matters. Sigh.

Anyway, apparently BMW has been giving the "go" on an Isetta reto reash for the 21st century. As seen on Auto Express', Web site, the car would still have that "bubble car" look. Perhaps another Smart car competitor?

BMW Isetta Wikipedia Page
Autoblog Green's new Isetta discussion
Auto Express' Isetta story

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BSP_yaris said...

This isn't relevant to this post, but please do an article highlighting the Festiva! That was my dream car for years. It's so tiny, I'm suprised it was sold in the US.