Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do not want: India's Big Booty Suzuki

I don't mind a bit of "junk in the trunk," but this is ridiculous. The Suzuki Swift that is currently sold in Japan, Europe, and well, the rest of the world looks great, gets high scores from the automotive press and owners a like. Rumor has it, the U.S. will get the new Swift in 2010. However, I certainly hope we don't get this version.

As seen on Autoblog, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (an Indian division of the company mostly owned by Suzuki), has come out with the Swift DZire. The nice lines of the hatchback have been compromised in the name of a gigantic ass.

The normal-bootied Swift is seen below. Hopefullly, the U.S. gets the hatch in 2010, and not the trunk-clad version.


BSP_yaris said...

The top picture looks kind of like the Versa, don't you think?

nlpnt said...

That is BAD. I thought the SX4 sedan looked odd, but that they've done the engineering work to lengthen the rear overhang, why not do a wagon? The liftgate, taillights and panel the 'gate slams into could be the same as the hatchbacks, the extended overhang, rear fenders and bumpers off that s....edan, and the quarter-window area from the 3-door hatch. All they'd need to tool up is a longer roof- basically a flat panel anyway.