Thursday, March 6, 2008

Better breathing for my Yaris

Rather than spend the money on an expensive air intake for my Yaris, I decided to save some cash by making my own high(er)-flow intake. I'd done this before on other cars with good results, so I figured why not?. No, I don't have any dyno numbers, but it sounds good and I'll never had to buy another filter since I used a K&N.

Basically it goes something like this: I bought a spare airbox from a Yaris owner. I proceeded to remove the built-in charcoal filter in the top of the airbox. Next, I broke out the Dremel tool, and removed much of the lower portions of the airbox, thus making the bottom of the K&N air filter exposed and able to suck more air. However, since I didn't remove all of the airbox, it still bolted into the stock location and fits perfectly. The photos above are of the bottom-half of the airbox with the sections removed.

The result was an inexpensive intake that looks stock and sounds great.

I know – some of you are thinking it's not dyno proven, it's sucking in warm air, so on, and so fourth. Well, perhaps, but I really don't care since the short-ram air intakes typically don't make a lot of power to begin with, and I'm not paying the money for one. Call me cheap. Regardless, this project was quick, easy, and effective. And to paraphrase a friend of mine on Honda-Tech, "If your ass can feel the difference between 90hp and 95hp in a 2300 lb. car, you should be flying experimental aircraft for another planet in a galaxy far far away."

So there.

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BSP_yaris said...

Have you noticed an increase in your gas efficiency?