Friday, May 3, 2013

Question: What Subcompact Car Would You Build Into a Rally Car?

Rally Justy

Tonight we're headed to Portland International Raceway for the first day of the 2013 Oregon Trail Rally. While I'm really looking forward to the high-horsepower AWD rally beasts, I'm equally looking forward to the small cars, such as the Tag Rally Sport Yaris, the Scion xD rally car, and others.

While I'd love to rally our WRX or turn our Yaris into a rally racer, I've always wanted to build a Subaru Justy rally car. No, it wouldn't be very fast at all. However, it might be a good foray into the world of rally. It certainly would be low-buck, or at least the initial purchase would be.

People have built Justy rally cars all over the world, so it certainly wouldn't be the first. Take the car above, which came from (North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club). And while I really can't think of one advantage it'd have over other cars, other than it's a tiny, inexpensive 4WD vehicle, I've always thought about getting one and using it as a rally car. Maybe start out with some rallycross, then some stage rallies. 

So what subcompact car would you like to build into a rally car?


rubicon4wheeler said...

I would love to build a Subaru BRAT into a rally car. Its light weight, relatively long wheelbase, selectable 4 Wheel Drive, long suspension travel, and light/pitchable rear end would make for a great performer (if only it had more power!)

Ducati Scotty said...

VW Karmann Ghia. All the advantages of an original Beetle with a lower CG for less body roll. Parts are the same as the Beetle, so cheap, and so light you don't need AWD. I'd go for a Beetle but it would be tough making it look like a proper rally car instead of a baja bug. Easier with the Ghia.


Unknown said...

Subaru justy 4x4 or mazda 323 gtx. Both awd both subcompact. The 323 shares engine parts with the miata.