Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 2013 Subcompact Sales

Subcompact SalesThe last couple of months have not been good for subcompact car sales. However, buyers in April turned things around for many makes. The venerable Honda Fit, although an aging design, was up a healthy 28.5% from last year, and is even looking to sell better than last year overall. Chevrolet's Sonic is also up quite a bit, and is on par with sales from 2012. The MINI Countryman was also up more than 20%, and several others were also showing positive results.

The big loser for a second consecutive month was Scion's tiny A-segment iQ, which is down more than 60% for April and 60% from this time last year. The iQ's target competitor, the Smart ForTwo, sold nearly twice as well. The iQ's subcompact family member, the Toyota Yaris, was also down a lot—more than 50%. The fun but slow-selling Mazda2 was also down significantly.

Make/Model Apr. '13 vs. Apr. '12Units, Apr. '13YTD 2013 vs. 2012 YTD
Honda Fit+28.5%4286-0.1%15819
Chevrolet Sonic+27.6%81510%28260
MINI Countryman+21.6%1864+18.3%6703
Honda CR-Z+16.4%405-6.1%1595
Ford Fiesta+18.4%6080+7.0%22108
Kia Rio+13.1%4531-2.4%14349
MINI Roadster+9.7%283+82.2%938
Kia Soul+5.6%11311-6.9%40324
Fiat 500+1.0%3899+6.0%13511
Hyundai Veloster-2.2%3120-20.8%9477
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop-2.7%507-18.4%1226
MINI Cooper /S Clubman-5.8%2469-6.2%8859
Mazda MX-5 Miata-11.6%612-13.9%1847
Smart ForTwo-12.7%667-5.5%2860
Nissan Versa-14.2%7155+6.7%46442
Nissan Juke-15.3%2445-6.3%11511
Nissan Cube-18.3%468-8.7%2419
MINI Cooper /S Convertible-21.3%400-29.5%1238
Hyundai Accent-23.2%4730-24.3%18644
Scion xD-26.1%705-21.0%2737
MINI Coupe-42.1%168-40.3%613
Toyota Yaris -53.6%2066-34.9%9401
Scion iQ-61.7%384-60.0%1393
Chevrolet Spark--3121--11903
Buick Encore--2916--7869
MINI Paceman--95--264

Numbers reflect sales in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

These monthly sales figures are very nice to have; thank you!

The Nissan Versas have been top sellers for some time; any way to know whether the sedan or the hatch is the most popular?

I see a new Nissan Versa is coming out this summer; the "Note". Hope you can get us some info about it.

I think the Sonic figures will continue to go up due to the availability now of the turbo with auto tranny.

Too bad they can't 1)take some weight off the Sonic, and 2) improve the coefficient of drag which is a bit high at .33. The latter could be accomplished somewhat by covering the headlight housings with clear glass/plastic.

A pet peeve with regard to the subcompacts: the exterior colors are by and large pretty bad and cheap looking. The interiors too are limited often to black; BLACK?-are you kidding me! How much more pleasant are the beige/tan interiors, but just try and find them!. Gray interiors are OK but uninspiring.