Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spotted: Scion iQ EV

Photo Credit: John M. Vincent/The Oregonian
My friend John spotted this Scion iQ EV downtown Portland at our well-known EV charging area, Electric Avenue. I'd seen a couple of pics of this vehicle on Facebook, too. According to Toyota/Scion, the iQ EVs will be part of car sharing services. If you'll notice, the car next to the iQ is a Smart, presumably an EV that is part of the Car2Go car sharing service.

Toyota says the iQ EV features Toyota’s newly developed high-output lithium-ion battery which delivers electric power consumption rate of 104 Wh/km in an ultracompact and lightweight package. In ideal stop and go driving conditions, the 12 kWh battery provides an estimated range of up to 50 miles on a full charge. The vehicle can be fulled charged in approximately 3 hours at 240V.
Approximately 90 vehicles will be deployed to car-sharing programs by the end of 2012.

Portland is a hotbed for EVs and alternative fuel vehicles, so it's not too shocking to see this vehicle here, although it's the first spotting of such a vehicle I've seen. 

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JMVinc said...

What caught my eye as I was passing was the bizarre two-tone color scheme. The wheels are, umm, interesting as well.

John Vincent