Friday, September 7, 2012

The world's biggest Honda N600 fan and owner of the U.S.'s first

We've all got our automotive passion. Big cars, little cars. Imports, domestics.V8s, two strokes—whatever. When it comes down to it, we're all gearheads.

Tim Mings—definitely a gearhead—is passionate about the Honda N600. It was his first car and he even owns the 1969 Honda N600 with serial number 1. He's a full-time N600 mechanic, too. Yes, you read that right.

American Honda found Mr. Mings via their First Honda campaign, where they encouraged Honda owners to talk about their first Honda vehicle. (My first "H" was a 2000 Civic DX hatchback, although I've owned a '79 Civic 1200 and three other Hondas). Moreover, this video proves again that care aficionados come in all variations—including those who like small cars.

Mr. Mings, if you ever read this, I've got a Subcompact Culture sticker with your name on it.

Thanks to Brian M. for the story idea.


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