Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cars with manual windows, mirrors, and locks

2013 Kia Rio LX featres manual windows and locks

Today we say farewell to our 2012 Nissan Versa 1.6 S sedan review vehicle. This Spartan car proved to be good in many respects, although basic. No power windows, now power locks, no power mirrors, etc. Frankly, I didn’t know there were any cars left on the U.S. market without these three power items. This prompted me to see which other new vehicles are available without power features:

Chevrolet Sonic: Manual windows and mirrors (LS)

Chevrolet Spark: Manual windows and locks (LS)

Ford Fiesta: Manual windows and locks (S)

Honda Civic: Manual windows (DX)

Jeep Patriot: Manual windows and mirrors (Sport)

Kia Rio: Manual windows, mirrors, and locks (LX)

Kia Soul: Manual mirrors (Base)

Kia Forte: Manual windows, mirrors, and locks (LX)

Nissan Versa: Manual windows, mirrors, and locks (1.6 S)

Smart ForTwo: Manual windows and mirrors (Pure)

Toyota Yaris: Manual windows and mirrors (LE)

I think I hit almost all of them. Are there any 2012 or 2013 models that I missed? If so, let me know. Are you in a different country that the U.S.? Which cars don't have power locks, windows, or doors where you are?


Rich M said...

My '06 Tacoma has crank windows, manual locks, and mirrors you adjust by hand. I think you can still get them this way.

Anonymous said...

I love basic cars. Less to fix in the long run.

Kevin T. said...

You made a mistake: the Honda Civic DX has power windows, but manual locks and mirrors. Also the unadvertised base model VW Jetta has manual mirrors, and the Ford Focus S should get half-credit for having power front windows but manual rear windows!

Andy Lilienthal said...

Good catch, Kevin.

Mike Furst said...

I'm in China, where there are too many all-manual cars to count. The rather ubiquitous QQ (made by Chery) a compact Chinese car, which is considered an imitation of GM's Chevrolet Spark/Daewoo Matiz, is the most visible on the streets, but there are models by VW and many others. Manual trannies -- which is not what you were asking about -- are also much more common.

Anonymous said...

2013 Chevy Spark has power windows as standard :(

Unknown said...

My 2015 Jeep Patriot Altitude here in Canada is Manual, I bought it second hand that way! They reduced it by 9 grand because of that! There are times when not have electric doors, windows and mirrors is a pain in the butt