Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is the Mazda2 going away in the U.S.?

Will the next generation Mazda2 be sold in the U.S.?
Is the Mazda2 already on the chopping block? According to Automotive News, that just might be the case.

The article states that Mazda2 sales have been underwhelming, and that the car is due for a redesign in 2014. And while it will definitely be redesigned in 2014, the U.S. might not get the latest version according to AN's source. FYI, the Mazda2, which rides on the same chassis as the Ford Fiesta, has been outsold by the Fiesta in the U.S. nearly three-to-one so far in 2012. In 2011, there were 13,952 Mazda2s sold; Ford sold 68,574 Fiesta the same year.

When we reviewed the Mazda2 in 2010 we very much enjoyed it, even calling it the "Miata of subcompacts." And while its reflexes and fuel economy were great, apparently those qualities haven't been enough to move them off of dealer lots en masse.

Automotive News


Anonymous said...

I bought a new 89 Mazda 323 back in the day. I drove the wheels off it
and sold it with 185K on it. Second owner took it to 215K the last time I talked to them. The car was simple and well built. I would hate to see Mazda leave or falter in this seqment.

Ducati Scotty said...

It would be a shame if they pulled it from the market. While the back seat was a little tighter than other similar cars the quality was top notch. After test driving some other Mazdas I'm sure it has the best handling in its class.

Robert Pearson said...

Mazdaspeed 2 is what people want
. Sadly without good sales of the normal 2 we may never see it.