Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Road Race Motorsports' French Canadian Top Gear Suzuki SX4

SX4, Suzuki, custom car, Top Gear
If you've watched Top Gear America, you know about "Big Star, Small Car," in which they put a celebrity in a Suzuki SX4 SportBack. What you may not have known is that Road Race Motorsports built the car. RRM also built an SX4 for the French-Canadian version of Top Gear, as seen above. The car features custom paint, wheels, RRM spoiler, and a host of other goodies.

According to Road Race Motorsports' owner, Rob Tallini,
"We have now built all the celebrity cars for the Top Gear shows in North America. There is a French language Version of the show that also airs. Different cast/crew and cars for that show. We built 2 for the American Language Show with the red SX4 and 1 SX4 for the French Canadian Show. Enjoy. I like it that they all have come to ROAD/RACE to prepare their cars for them and supply our performance parts. They trust what we do and that means a lot to us."
We love the fact that Top Gear does this small-car stuff, that they showcase the Suzuki SX4, and that they use RRM for their builds.

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