Saturday, October 23, 2010


So see if you can follow me on this one ...

Our 2010 Suzuki SX4 came with 16" steel wheels with TPMS sensors. As an upgrade, I purchased a used set stock 16" alloy wheels from a 2007 SX4, also with TPMS sensors. These alloys, however, had the original tires on them, which needed to be replaced. Regardless, I decided to run them for a week until I had time to swap the new rubber from the 2010 steel wheels to the 2007 alloys.

After putting the alloy wheels on, as expected, the "low tire pressure" indicator light came on when I put the 2007 wheels on our 2010. I also expected the car would automatically recognize the new TPMS sensors, and our indicator light would turn off after about 30–40 miles. Well, 100+ miles later, the light was still on. But hey—I'm was going to swap the nice new tires onto the alloy wheels anyway, so I'll ask the tire shop about it.

Today, I brought the SX4 to America's Tire to have the swap done and to see if they could get the TPMS indicator light to turn off. The tire swap went fine (and I had the tires siped; we'll see if that does anything or not). Disappointingly, they were unable to get the TPMS light to turn off. They didn't have any documentation as to how to put the SX4 into "learning mode" so their magic TMPS recognition tool could do it's thing. They tried, but no dice.

After coming home I decided to do what any car blogger would do when they have a car problem: turn to the Internet. I went to the source of all sources for the SX4—SX4 Club—to see what other SX4 owners had said.

I found a couple of threads talking about TPMS troubles, and sure enough, there is a way to put the car into TPMS learning mode. According to a couple threads, the sequence goes like this:

• With the door shut, put the key into the ignition, and turn the key to the "ON" position.
• Open the door, depress the rubber covered button in the door jamb, and hold it for two seconds; release.
• Hold for two more seconds; release.
• Hold for two more seconds; release.

Apparently the flashing TPMS indicator lamp should start flashing at a different rate. Only then can you take the magic TPMS recognition tool to the wheels.

Well, I've tried to initiate this pairing mode about 20 times and I can't get it to work. I suppose, if I can't figure this out on my own, I'll have to take it to the dealership. Apparently, there are manufacturer-specific TPMS tools and generic TPMS tools. Whatever.

All I know is that the TPMS on the SX4 is a PITA.


Unknown said...

The symbol kinda looks like a guy throwing his hands up in frustration. How fitting!

murphyseanm said...

The TPMS on my car lasted about a year and they never worked right again. I did not move them over when I changed wheels, I just ignored the light. Good luck.

Andy Lilienthal said...

I'll likley bring the car to the dealership next time I'm near there. Hopefully they won't try and charge me.

Anonymous said...

Did you make sure that the tire sensors are the same from the 2007 model year?

They may have changed part numbers and therefore cannot pair with your 2010.

SX4 in 2007 would have:

No part listed for 2010?