Monday, October 25, 2010

A subcompact SEMA Show preview

Fiat 500 Concept - Subcompact Culture
Yep, the great SEMA Show starts next week, and there will be some sweet vehicles there, as usual. I'm most looking forward to seeing is the Fiat 500, or at least the Fiat 500 Concept. Apparently, there will be a tuned and customized version in the Chrysler booth (see above). I'll be sure to snap a photo of two. I really just want to see how small the 500 is.

2011 Mazda2 - Subcompact CultureI'm also looking forward to seeing if there is a Nissan Juke or two. I've seen my first Juke at a Portland-area Nissan dealership. I didn't have time to stop and get photos, but they are hitting the dealers. I hope there are some juiced-up Jukes in Vegas.

In addition, I'm looking forward to a couple of Mazda 2s. I know there will be at least one, since it's listed on the SEMA site (e.g. the 2 pictured here.

Some of the other vehicles that will be in attendance include customized versions of the Honda CR-Z, Ford Fiesta, Kia Soul, Nissan Cube, and undoubtedly many others.

Anyway, stay tuned; I'll post up a few photos from the world's largest car show next week.

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sneakers said...

Can't wait for the babies' photos! Most especially the Honda CR-Z and Ford Fiesta