Friday, May 1, 2009

April 2009 subcompact sales

The automakers are releasing their April, 2009 sales, and as expected, they're still not great. In fact, subcompacts seemed to be hit pretty hard.

Of particular note is the Scion xD, which fell a whopping 69.8% from this time last year, probably due to Scion's non-negotiable pricing (e.g. no deals to be had). Also of note is the Suzuki SX4, which went from a +50% sales month in March (compared to '08) to a -64.0% sales month in April (again, compared to April, '08). Finally, note the very small number of total Pontiac G3s that have sold year to date.

Overall, the Yaris is still the best-selling subcompact of 2009, with the Nissan Versa in second, and the Honda Fit in third. Hyundai's Accent is starting to gain some real sales momentum, though.

Here are how the specific models fared from best to worst for April, '09:

April 09 vs April '08Year to date Cars sold in '09 to date
Hyundai Accent
Kia Rio
MINI (all)
Toyota Yaris
Honda Fit
Nissan Versa-33.2%-19.0%21,365
Smart (all)
Chevrolet Aveo
Suzuki SX4
Scion xD-69.8%-57.3%3,730
Pontiac G3
Kia Soul----4,508

American Honda April, 2009 Sales
MINI USA April, 2009 Sales
Toyota USA April, 2009 Sales
Nissan USA April, 2009 Sales
Smart USA April, 2009 Sales
GM April, 2009 Sales
Hyundai Motor America April, 2009 Sales
Kia Motors America April, 2009 Sales
American Suzuki April, 2009 Sales


Unknown said...

Not to be a total butt, but I think your chart would make more sense if the positive numbers were black and the negative numbers were red. Also, thanks for posting these numbers, I make sure to stop here now when the numbers come out so I can track the cars I'm really interested in!

Andy Lilienthal said...

LOL -- you're right. I hadn't thought of that (duh).

Andy Lilienthal said...

Stats changed per Jake's suggestion.

Chris said...

Kia Soul YTD should be 4,508, not 3,228 as that is for sales in all of April. Looks like the Soul is on a roll, its even outsold the xB last month (3,228 vs. 2,036)!

I can't wait to see how the Cube sells.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Thanks, Chris. I've fixed the number. And I agree: The Cube will be an interesting addition to the lineup.

I've seen a number of Souls on the road, and have sat in them at autoshows/dealerships. I need to drive one!

Chris said...

The Soul actually is quite fun to drive. I test drove the Sport model back in March. It had the 2.0L engine and it seemed to have a lot of punch and handled nicely. The speakers light up with the beat of the music and the dash looks nice. I think Kia really has a winner here! The clever hamster commercial is already making this car more known. I have only seen two on the road here since its introduction, but I am guessing by the end of summer they'll be as common as the Fits, Scion xB, Versa, and Yaris I see around here.

BTW, this is Chris from the earlier post.

Steven Rahn said...

m not surprised to see the Accent selling so well....I bought one this SE hatchback. If Hyundai would work a little harder showing off the SE version, especially with the hatch, sales would likely be bumped again. I had a short-list of cars under $18,000 in October of '08. I researched and slowly eliminated most of them, for a variety of reasons. The list didn't include the Hyunda Accent SE....because I didn't know it existed. I knew the Accent existed....but not a sport-tuned hatch with satellite radio, 16" alloys and B&M short-shifter. I added the optional AEM short-ram intake. Hyundai is dropping the ball by not letting enough people know that this great little car comes in a sport-tuned version.
I almost bought something else, but stumbled on the Accent by accident. I am sooo glad I did, because I totally love this fun-to-drive car, the warranty, and the $1,500 cash back as well.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Hako, I agree with you about the Accent SE. I only recently heard that Hyundai has the short-shifters available. And frankly, I think it'd be a great addition to the Accent, since, IMHO, the stock shifter on the Accent leaves a bit to be desired. Hyundai is building very good cars these days, and the Accent is certainly one of them. I've been seeing a lot more of them on the road lately. I helped my neighbor get into a very lightly used '07 a few months back.

D2M said...

*crosses fingers* I hope that means I'll be able to get a good deal! Found out today we'll be leaving in September of this year. It unfortunate we'll be leaving in the beginning of the month and not the end (heard you get better deals that way). Well, I hope they're desperate enough that they won't car when we walk in. :P

Andy Lilienthal said...

So September, eh? Very cool. I have a feeling there will still be plenty of deals then. Also keep in mind that at that time of the year, most dealers will be receiving 2010 models, so you should be able to scoop up '09s at a good price.

D2M said...

Sweet! I'm hoping for the best then! :D

nlpnt said...

@D2M; You had mentioned something in one of the Fiesta threads about access to preferred pricing on Fords. I read just the other day that Focus sales are way off last year; you could probably get a screaming deal on one of those. Maybe a two-year lease, in time to turn in on a second-year Fiesta or next-generation Focus?

PS- a friend of mine in Detroit mentioned that Ford announced they'd be refitting the Wayne, MI plant for a "next-generation world car". As that's where the Focus is made now, that has to be the next's hoping for an odd number of doors..