Friday, May 1, 2009

Scion sales slump: Is it time to end pure pricing?

Let's face it, just about all automakers are having a tough time these days. However, since sales are slow, there are deals to be had. We got a great price on our 2009 Suzuki SX4 ($2,500+ off of list), and I've heard other people talk of great buys on cars recently.

Enter Toyota's Scion division. Currently offering the compact xB fve-door, the tC coupe, and the subcompact five-door xD, Scion uses what is called "pure pricing," to sell its vehicles. This means everyone pays the same price. There's no haggling, which is great—but there's also no discounts, which might not be, especially during these times.

Across the board, Scion is posting some some low sales figures. In April, all three models were down a minimum of 51.8% (xB), while the tC and xD posted 63.0% and 69.8% sales decreases from this date last year, respectively.

So is Scion's pure pricing affecting sales since they can't discount? If anyone from Scion is reading this, do you care to comment?

April 2009 Toyota Sales

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Anonymous said...

I went to the dealer to buy a scion XD. the salesman showed me the price of $16,700 with no discount. He also showed me a Corolla with a discounted price of $15,300. Naturally I bought the Corolla. Yes pure pricing is the reason for Scion sales slipping.