Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Subcompacts at SEMA: Suzuki SX4

Suzuki SXForce Concept - Subcompact Culture
Suzuki SXForce Concept

According to Suzuki's Media Web site, Suzuki will have two turbocharged versions of the company's SX4.

The first will be the SX4t Concept, which as you may have seen on Subcompact Culture before, which will showcase Road Race Engineering's turbo setup, GRIP springs, rear swaybar, and CarbonTrix carbon-fiber hood among other modifications. Power is good for 221 hp., up from the stock 143 hp.

The other subcompact in Suzuki's booth will be the SXForce Concept. This vehicle is meant to display the heritage between the company's motorcycles and its automotive unit. The radical concept car, which was also at the 2007 SEMA Show, has a 250 hp. turbocharged engine, as well as a slew of other modifications that make this vehicle, which is steered using handlebars, a very unique car.

The complete press release in the LINKS section below; additional SXForce images in the LINKS, too.

Suzuki Encourages Consumers to See Mo' at SEMA
Suzuki Media - SXForce Concept Car Photos
Road Race Engineering


nlpnt said...

Nice. If Suzuki offered the SX4 Sport equipment and trim with the hatchback body I'd have been sorely tempted by it.

Andy Lilienthal said...

What do they offer in the Sport that you can't get on the hatchback version?

nlpnt said...

Up to the '09s the hatch was AWD only; apparently the '09 FWD version still has the gray cladding and tall ride height; I like the lower stance of the Sport but the sedan just looks like a bowler hat with wheels.