Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Suzuki SX4 turbo kit available through dealerships?

Wow -- how cool is this? Suzuki has partnered with Road Race Motorsports, and may be selling a turbo kit through Suzuki dealers for the SX4. I'm a big fan of the SX4, and this is just too cool in my opinion. According to the post on, Suzuki claims 0-60 in less than seven seconds. Not asphalt melting, but a good bit faster than the stock SX4. The kit ups horsepower from 143 to 221, and toruqe up from 136 ft./lbs. to 208 ft./lbs. The kit will cost around $5,400 with everything need to install, according to this story. Whether that's from dealers or Roade Race Motorsports itself, was not stated.

Road Race Motorsports and Suzuki have had a relationship for a couple of years, as RRM has built a couple of concept cars for Suzuki that have beens shown at various autoshows, including SEMA in Las Vegas.

Road Race Motorsports' SX4t

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