Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ford Saying Adios to Fiesta

It was a big deal for small car fans when Ford debuted the Fiesta as a 2011 model in North America. Remember the Fiesta Movement? It was not only a huge promotion for a little car (and an amazing case study in social media marketing), but it showed Ford would react to the idea that Americans would buy small cars. Well, it looks like the the latest "movement" will be for the vehicle to exit the North American lineup.

According to Left Lane News, the Fiesta is supposed to get a global refresh for 2018, and due to lack of demand for small vehicles in North America, we will not be getting the next-generation of Ford's subcompact hatchback and sedan. Ford was quoted as saying "demand for such vehicles is declining."

And yes, that means that if you want a Ford Fiesta ST—which will also exit the North American market—you'd better hop to it.

The Fiesta's best year was 2013, when it sold 71,073 units. In 2016, Ford moved 48,807 Fiestas, a -31% decline from its peak year. Fiesta sales are down -5% for the year thus far vs. 2016.

As fuel prices remain low and demand for small cars drops, we wonder what the fate of other a- and b-segment vehicles will be. Is this the beginning of the small car die off in North America? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.


Fred said...

Here in the US, I've bought, owned, and driven nothing but small cars my entire driving life, for the last 50 years or so. For the last 10 years I've been driving a base Yaris hatchback, and it's still going strong with only 95,000 miles on it so far. I hope it lasts me many more years before it succumbs to the dreaded Northeast US rust problem from all of the road salt. Someday if or when I need my next car, I'll consider a used Mitsubishi Mirage, unless something more interesting to me comes along in the meantime. I spent this week at a large hospital, watching the hundreds of employees driving in and parking to begin their work day. Almost all of the vehicles were new or late model, 95+% were SUVs, there were a few large sedans, but only two small hatchbacks. Having spent decades in the US car business, I simply don't understand the need for SUVs for most consumers - but then I always sold them what they wanted - not what they needed. A few years ago I ordered an ELIO for myself; but I would be nothing short of amazed if they EVER make any of those.

Socarboy said...

One thing that hurt the Fiesta was it's lack luster reliability mainly with its dual clutch transmission. That and a lack of demand for small cars due to cheap fuel. I look for Chevy to drop the Spark and/or Sonic for similar reasons

Darryl said...

I'm pretty sure what will happen is the same thing Mazda did with the 2... replace the A and B segment sedans and hatches with A and B segment CUVs based on the same platform. The Fiesta will continue, as the Ford EcoSport. The next Sonic will continue, as the Chevy Trax. The next Fiat500 will continue, as possibly the Fiat Panda? I expect this trend to spread as even the smallest of CUVs are way more profitable than A and B segment cars.