Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Custom Daihatsu Midget II Thinks it's a 1935-1937 Ford ... Sorta

Weird Daihatsu Midget II - Subcompact Culture
What the actual hell is this? I mean, I know what it is, but what the hell?

Well, it's technically a 1996 Daihatsu Midget II kei truck. Yes, the same one everyone drove in Gran Turismo. However, this one has been, well, customized to look like a 1935-1937 Ford if you're on acid. These are weird little beasts to begin with, but how do you make a weird car even weirder? Do I even need to explain? Look at at this damn thing.

Daihatsu Midget II Retro
Naturally, the Midget II usually wears its spare tire on the hood, which is pretty strange unless you're in a vintage Land Rover on African Safari. But this gem of a Midget II move the spare tire in back to make room for that super-sweet wooden front end, which looks like it belongs on a barn, not a car. But we use "car" loosely here, folks.

I do like the primer brown paint, the wood sides, and the wide white tires are great. The 2x4 front and rear bumpers don't get many points, nor does the interior, which has been styled with a wooden steering wheel and a couple of tarps, apparently. And come on, guys we could've put some effort in the gray plastic dash.
Daihatsu Midget II Retro interior
However, if there's one thing I love in this world, it's weird Japanese-to-English phrases and translations. And yes, this one has it.
This little weirdo is being sold through Car View for the low, low price of $7,067 USD. Now which way to the cosplay convention?Daihatsu Midget II rear

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